VetPay is now the biggest established provider of Veterinary Payment Plans within Australia and proud partners with many New Zealand clinics. We are now happy to promote the next level of excellence in pet care available to pet owners.

We appreciate your ongoing support and are committed to responding to the ever changing needs of your business and the Veterinary Industry. Your feedback has enabled us to make this possible and our pet HealthCare Plan is the next step in enabling pet owners to obtain the optimum level of treatment while continuing to encourage responsible pet ownership.

The HealthCare Plan has been developed in conjunction with Veterinarians and is a new and exciting offering for our clients and customers. The main aim of the plan is to raise awareness and promote the importance of preventative HealthCare.

The Plan offers a comprehensive list of treatments, services and products, meaning your valued clients can take a proactive approach towards their pets well being.

As with VetPay Payment Plans, our online processing system is easy to use and each application is processed within minutes.

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“A clinic champion will drive and inspire the rest of the team”

“A clinic team that embraces the plan will succeed very well”

“Reminders are key in the success of the plan, even if a client is not due to come in for awhile a call to check on how their pet is doing builds bonds”

“Marketing the plan is easy and cost effective”

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