VetPay and Covetrus have been busy behind the scenes working on integrating the RxWorks software to allow for healthcare plans to be available through the same system for clinics.

We are thrilled to let you know we are at the pointy of end of signing off on this joint venture and will be launching early in the new year. Along with the software applications talking to each other, meaning it can all be done in the one screen, VetPay has loads of ideas on marketing this service to your existing (and new) customers and cannot wait to help you grow this area of your business.

It’s about next level excellence in pet care … encouraging a focus on staying well rather than getting well. And we see this is a great way to help remove the awkward discussion around money!


VetPay is now the most established provider of Veterinary payment plans within Australia and are proud to partner with your clinic to promote the next level of excellence in pet care available to your valued clients.

Pet HealthCare Plans are now an expected service and encourage focus on staying well rather than getting well. It makes sense to package the necessary treatments, products and services, with flexible payment options in a way that is easy to use and understand.

The options are varied and designed to cater for all needs, including; all life stages, preventative health, wellness and can be tailored to suit companion animal exotics and equine.


The HealthCare Plan has been developed in conjunction with Veterinarians and is designed to manage the whole back of house process so you can focus on taking care of the pet and pet owner needs while raising awareness around the importance of preventative pet health care.

With the flexibility of designing your own clinic plans or offering our model a Pet HealtCare Plan offers a comprehensive list of treatments, services and products, meaning your valued clients can take a proactive approach towards their pets well being.

As with VetPay Payment Plans, our individual clinic portal is easy to use and can be used along side your practice management system.
We all know prevention is better than cure and what better way to build relationships with clients and keeping pets healthy!