VetPay Merchant Application

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  • Terms & Conditions

    - Minimum Account: No minimum treatment cost (refer to clinic proticol)

    - Account Term: Clients have the flexibility to choose their own account term.
    However, standard account term is 13 months up to $2000 and 18 months over $2000.

    - Interest Waive Period: three (3) months

    - Minimum deposit paid directly to the Veterinary Clinic: 10%
    Clinics can vary the minimum deposit at their discretion.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Client must be over 18 years of age, be an Australian or New Zealand Resident and be the pet owner.

    2. Privacy Statement must be acknowledged by client prior to credit check being performed.

    3. Identification (if supplied to clinic) must confirm current residential address and match information entered.

    4. Employer’s telephone number must be supplied if the client is employed.

    5. Only one application per pet, i.e. multiple applications for the same pet are not permitted.

    6. VetPay Merchant Fee cannot be passed onto the Pet Owner (claimable business expense).

    7. Treatment and deposit amount must reflect invoice.

    8. Split accounts are not permitted, i.e. Payment Plans cannot be entered for partial treatment cost.

    9. Payment Plans must not be entered for known bad debtors or clients with an existing debt.

    10. Bank account or credit/debits card details supplied to VetPay for the client should be for applicant only.

    11. Clinic staff should not process their own Pre-Approval or enter treatment costs for own account.

    12. Payment Plans that do not comply with these Terms and Conditions may be deemed as Non-Compliant.

    13. Non-Compliant Payment Plans may cause a delay in payment or result in funds being redrawn from the clinic.

    Please note these are VetPay’s minimum Terms and Conditions, refer to clinic internal protocol if applicable.