Becoming a Merchant

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1. Why should I offer VetPay as a payment option along with cash, cheque, and debit card / Credit Card?

By providing your customers with several payment options, you can increase the acceptance of recommended treatment. Often, payment becomes an issue when the recommended treatment is unexpected. VetPay gives your clients a flexible, convenient payment plan that can be used exclusively for their on-going veterinary care.

2. What are the costs and how do we get paid?

Once a VetPay treatment has been added to the client account, you will receive payment within 48 hours directly into your bank account. We also email you a Tax Invoice, to advise payment has been made. Participating vets pay no application fees and no monthly fees. There is no ongoing commitment. Each time we pay out the balance of a payment plan we deduct a merchant fee.

3. Is VetPay easy to use?

Yes. All approvals are managed using our unique online processing system. We also take care of the billing and collecting, so your valuable time can be better spent on other important responsibilities such as treatments and client management. We provide your clinic team with a complementary orientation, all the tools needed to present the programme to your client.

4. What if one of my clients doesn’t pay?

With VetPay, the practice is not responsible should a clients payments be delayed or default. Terms and Conditions should be followed to ensure Payments Plans are compliant.

5. How do my clients apply for VetPay?

Your client can apply at your clinic through the VetPay system or online, from home or work.

6. How do I know my clients will like VetPay?

Our innovative payment programme offers many proven benefits such as low, flexible fortnightly payments. VetPay is so popular because of our professional approach between the pet owner and the clinic. VetPay receives many letters of appreciation from satisfied clients and many clients refer our services to others in the pet community. Many of our clients are repeat uses of our service.

7. How will VetPay affect my client relationships?

In providing your clients with a convenient payment option, VetPay, is a service your clients will appreciate. You will enjoy increased loyalty and referrals. VetPay enhances your patient/client relationships by taking care of all billing and collection matters, so any unpleasant financial situations between your practice and customers are avoided.

8. How do I get started?

You can get started today by calling 1300 657 984 or click here to register your interest.