Essential services and VetPay

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Many clinics have asked us how they can better prepare themselves and their clients for the challenging weeks and months ahead.  While emotional and physical health at this time of course is paramount, it is also important to focus on our financial health and that of our clients.

The positives

It is encouraging to see how many of our clients have already been in touch with VetPay to advise us of changes to their financial situation and ensure we will be there for them if needed.  This indicates to us that not only do pet owners see the importance of being prepared during these times, they also want to ensure funds are available to pay their vet bills with you!  A wonderful way to show they value the partnership of your services and ours.

Responsible lending

VetPay is exclusively for professional services provided by Veterinarians, this gives reassurance to clients that funds are available for essential treatment recommended by you.  We feel this is a responsible approach especially given the current circumstances; our service is not aimed at driving consumer spending. We have also responded by extending our interest waive period to 6 months, effective immediately.

How to help pet owners

Offering clients an opportunity to pre-register for VetPay in the event they may need assistance, allows the client to access the necessary treatment that you recommend which is a useful resource to consider.

Providing a link on your social media or website allows clients to access our application process with ease.  The client can provided their PIN number over the phone, allowing you to check their available balance and add treatment cost while respecting the physical distancing recommendations currently being observed.

Please contact us directly should you wish to find out other initiatives that may assist your practice, your clients and their pets.

We are here to help you and your clients 24/7.